Terms & Conditions

This is our list of trade terms and conditions so you know what to expect when working with Techlancers Middle East.

General Provisions

1. Definitions 

Techlancers Middle East is a digital transformation company specializing in consultancy, growth and marketing, product development, MVPs, startup prototyping and mobile app strategy for the Middle East region. We have our main headquarter in Dubai and operate with a team of 50 members.

These Terms and Conditions are an implicit and explicit agreement between Techlancers Middle East team and website visitors/users about the clauses mentioned herein. Throughout the Agreement, terms including Website, We, Us, Company refer to Techlancers Middle East.

2. Scope of Services

We offer 35+ digital services in domains including business consultancy, digital marketing, website and mobile app development, digital product strategy and MVP development. 

2. Confidentiality

We do not share or sell any visitor data to third parties with and without compensation. Kindly read our privacy policy for detailed clauses on our data collection and usage practices. 


As a website user and/or visitor, you are restricted from performing these specific actions. Under any circumstances, a website visitor or user found performing any of these actions, will be subject to consequential inquiries. 

  • Publishing the Website media on other directly or indirectly related, third-party platforms. 
  • Selling, copying, reproducing, modifying or sublicensing the Website media for commercial purposes. 
  • Sending irrelevant bot traffic to the Website. 
  • Claiming possession or participation in design or development of this website to any client, potential lead or third-party prospect.

Age Requirements  

You may be at least 16 years of age to use this Website. Continuing to use this website acknowledges that you are over 16 years and have right to use the website legally

Intellectual Property 

The Website and all of its content, including texts, images and infographics, audio and video are legal entity of Techlancers Middle East. We hold copyright of all digital assets including domain, hosting, images, website design and branding elements. Strict action will be taken against individuals, groups and corporates for violating copyright by reproducing, misrepresenting, or claiming possession orally, electronically and printed formats. 


You are restricted from offering, donating, gifting any direct or indirect compensation to affiliates or employees of Techlancers Middle East in relation to any services/products provided under contracts with the Company. The Company shall not be liable for any gains or losses made or received from unauthorized sources claiming to be affiliates or employees of Techlancers Middle East. 

Dispute Management and Resolution 

Kindly contact info@techlancersme.com in case of reporting disputes about transactions or work completion. Additionally, Techlancers Middle East acts under UAE business regulations. Please follow accordingly.

Right to amend 

The Company reserves the right to maintain, modify, update, or completely eliminate any clauses of these Terms and Conditions without sending in prior notifications to website users or non-prospects. Please check the terms and conditions for updated versions. 


By continuing to browse the website, you acknowledge that you have accepted the terms and conditions stated herein.

Contact Us

If you would like to clarify any clauses of these terms and conditions or would like to further understand how these apply to you, please contact us at info@techlancersme.com

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